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Portable, non-destructive testing of concrete.

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Hammond Concrete Concrete Covermeter for hire.
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The location of and the measurement of the depth of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete may be determined using simple battery powered meters.

Hammond Concrete hire a variety of cover meters, some of which may also estimate bar size, log data and/or provide 2-D visual display of reinforcement layout.

Manufacturers and models include:
Protovale : Elcometer : Proceq : Hilti
CM52 : Model BH : Model SH : Profometer : Profoscope : Ferroscan


- Data logging and statistical evaluation
- 2-D display of steel layout
- Cover depth up to 185mm (manufacturer data)
- Diameter measurement up to a cover depth of 70mm
- Proximity indicator: optical and acoustic


- Location of embedded steel
- Depth of concrete cover to steel
- Determination of steel bar diameter

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